DJ M16

Boil, can you hear me?


A sonic perfectionist who delivers an exceptional level of continuity with every set. Whether rocking sure-shots, underground hits or rarities, M16 excels with all genres of dance music. Taking on events from corporate to underground, he is guaranteed to keep the crowd moving. This DJ even transcends 11 hour marathon sets. Lining up track after track with precision and programming effective transfers every time. Now focused on a massive production schedule for 2018 he is aimed at dominating all dance floors.

His career began in 1997 working with the LA rave scene pioneer Mr. Kool-Aid and eventually found his skills under the influence of the legendary jungle dj/producer R.A.W. This inspiration brought him to work with N2O Entertainment, North American Vinyl Distribution and later Surveillance Sound. When not hitting the decks he’s producing tracks and promoting events with Jungle Riddim Records, 30 Hertz Crew & Submerge.